Mysteries that He tells me to write for all His people.


I began writing when I was nine years old. (That was in 1966!) To avoid squabbles over where we left off in our "make believe" games of the day before, I appointed myself secretary and wrote it all down.  When I got into my teens, I filled tons of notebooks with what today is known as "fanfic", my own episodes of existing TV shows of the day.  When I became an adult, I began to hone my skills so I could write for publication.  Since I like to read mysteries, I decided to go with that genre.  I gave up the endeavor in favor of a new fulltime data entry job, but something (or Someone) kept pulling me back to it. When I had to stop working in 2000 and go onto permanent disability (due to fibromyalgia and neuropathy), I could devote full time to this wonderful calling God has given me.  I hone my skills as best I can with writing books and occasional courses (that don't cost an arm and a leg). I live with my Mom in the mid-west USA and consider her a good, trusted friend.

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